Azure Hills Church Goes to Cuba in Two-Part Trip

Posted on Aug 31 2017

Photos by Hugo Martinez -
The Azure Hills church, Loma Linda University SIMS team, and the Southeastern California Conference partnered with the Cuban Union Conference in a two-part two-week trip from Aug. 6-19.
Week one was a ministerial or pastoral meeting. It brought pastors and their families from all over the country together to gather in Havana at the Adventist Theological Seminary (Seminario Teologico Adventista de Cuba).
Families and pastors gather together in Havana at Seminario Teológico Adventista de Cuba from Aug. 6-11.
During a previous trip in 2016, Alger Keough, associate pastor at Azure Hills church, learned that the Cuban Union had never had the chance to bring pastors together to offer continued education seminars. Keough, Dante and Patty Marruffo, also associate pastors at Azure Hills church, started working on ways to bring the union together. On Aug. 6, 2017, this became a reality. With the assistance of the Southeastern California Conference, the union was able to hold a Cuban-wide pastors meeting from Aug. 6-11.
Pastors who attended the event were presented with seminars that included topics such as: pastoral counseling, Biblical principles of conflict resolution, ethics, archaeology, and more. Additional seminars were available for pastors’ spouses, as well as a special program for pastors’ children.
Week two was a week-long traveling “block party.” Health supplies including reading glasses, toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap, and more were distributed to 10 different churches throughout the week.
A volunteer shifts through hundreds of toothbrushes, one of the many health supplies given out during the week.
Included in the block parties were children programs, pastoral, psychology, and family counseling to the community, and painting teams who would travel to smaller churches to give them a fresh new coat of paint.
Children programs were the highlight of the day.
The Cuban Red Cross partnered with Azure Hills church to provide dummies for CPR training. Educators from Havana came to the union office for a classes focusing on education. Students from Loma Linda University gathered with local doctors and physicians to discuss and learn about Cuban medicine.
Many people were happy to get a pair of glasses to help them read the Bible.
The team at Azure Hills church plans on going back and being consistent in returning year after year, by God’s grace.
If you would like to get involved or would like more information, call 909-825-8611 or visit their Facebook page here.