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SECC Use of Tithe Funds


Facing the Future With Confidence

Having grown up in a family of four children, with our mother at home and our father as the only breadwinner,  I understand well what it means to be financially challenged.  My parents made difficult decisions about how to spend  what little money we had and often were forced to look for creative ways to put food on the table. And they always did.

They also returned their tithe and gave offerings, trusting God to take care of our needs. Because of my parents’ example, I have come to believe that God will always make a way out of no way when we give Him His way in our lives. 

I’ve seen this happen many times, most recently here in Southeastern California Conference during the past couple of years. Members, churches, the conference office—all of us have downsized, stretched our dollars further than ever before, and made tough choices about what we can and cannot live without.

But through it all, you, the members of this great conference, have been faithful in your commitments to God, and God is continuing to help us fulfill our mission to expand His kingdom here in Southeastern California.

Because of our successful evangelistic endeavors, SECC’s churches are growing. And although finances haven’t allowed us to increase the number of pastors in our churches, God is helping us find ways to continue providing our members with outstanding spiritual leadership. Education remains one of our top priorities. Our commitment to maintaining Pine Springs Ranch as a welcoming and comfortable retreat where adults and children can draw closer to God remains firm. All this is possible because of your faithfulness and God’s blessing.

In the following articles the focus is on how the work of God in Southeastern California Conference is being funded. I pray that it will help you better understand not only how the conference uses your tithe dollars but also how it supports the ministries that are important to you.

May God’s blessings be a bridge over troubled waters. With God leading us, we can face the future with confidence, knowing that every new day brings us closer to the second coming of Christ.

By Gerald Penick, former conference president

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