Asian/Pacific Ministries

About the Department
The mission of the Asian/Pacific ministries is the expansion of God’s kingdom through preaching, teaching, publishing and living, especially to those who have roots in Asia and the Pacific Islands and now reside in the Southeastern California Conference territory.
Asian/Pacific ministry provides services such as:

  • Administrative advice and direction on pastoral placements and transfers.
  • Counseling and supervising Asian/Pacific pastors.
  • Assist in bridging cultural differences within the church as well as with different ethnic groups.
  • To empower the churches to equip leaders and potential leaders through various different conferences, workshops and events.
  • Intentional empowering, equipping and enabling youth and youth adults of our Asian/Pacific ministries


Jonathan Park, Vice President

It is a great honor and privilege for me to minister for Asian/Pacific ministries this year. I was called into this ministry as of October 2010 and have been meeting with the pastors and visiting the churches. I am excited about our Asian/Pacific churches’ ministries and looking forward to be part of the kingdom builders for our community.

Highlights of Objectives Achieved 2008-2011


The Asian/Pacific membership reached 7,799 as of December 2010, or 11.23 percent of the total SECC membership of 69,440 as compared to 7,440 in December 2007, or 11.16 percent of the total membership.


Total Asian/Pacific tithe for the past first half of quadrennium (2007-2010) was more than $21.4 million. ($21,427,941.27).


A total of 486 members were added to the conference membership through baptism during the first half of the quadrennium (2007-2010).


As of 2010, we have 25 churches, five companies and 10 groups with 39 conference-employed pastors.


  • Pastors in each church led out in their own church evangelistic outreach, while other meetings were conducted by the local church ministries.
  • Vietnamese pastor Isaiah Duong is producing ongoing radio/TV programs.
  • Evangelistic mission trips were conducted by various pastors and members to countries outside the United States.
  • Evangelistic meetings were conducted by Asian/Pacific pastors/elders/leaders in their churches following ground preparation, and interests were created. New people groups were discovered in San Diego, such as Karens, and other groups.  Our Laotian members are endeavoring to share God’s message with them.

PulseBeat Newsletter

The department publishes the yearly PulseBeat, the Asian/Pacific newsletter, to report programs, activities, and developments in the Asian/Pacific ministries.


Annual tithe increases for the past quadrennium have been consistent, as shown in the graph. This group is one of the highest in tithe-per-capita giving in this conference, thanks to the faithfulness of our constituent members in returning to the Lord His portion.

Emphasis has been made by the Adult Sabbath School ministries on the importance of nurturing closer friendship and fellowship in church through small group Sabbath school classes of 8-10 members.  Each SS class was encouraged to invite nonmembers in their class, nurture them in the Lord, and thus they have friends in church.  Studies show that those members who have 6-8 friends in church stay in church, while those who do not have friends in church leave the church.

Workers Meeting

SECC Asian/Pacific pastors and their wives join the Pacific Union-sponsored yearly workers meetings to aim at enhancing and sharpening the pastors’ ministry tools.

Asian/Pacific Young Adults Retreat

In 2009 and 2010, the Asian/Pacific young adults joined the conference-sponsored young adults retreat at the Pines Spring Ranch, thus strengthening friendship, relationship and fellowship with other young adults in this conference, but above all having a closer relationship with God.

The uniqueness of the Asian/Pacific ministries, as compared to the other ministries in our conference, is that it is like a little United Nations. Despite its diverse composition with 11 nationalities, cultures and language groups, such as Cambodians, Chinese, Filipinos, Indonesians, Japanese, Koreans, Laotians, Samoans, Southern Asians (Bangladeshis, Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans), Thai and Vietnamese, the passion for evangelism still beats in the hearts of our church members to reach out to the thousands of people belonging to these language groups in the SECC territory and beyond with the gospel message. Because of the complexities in language and culture, camp meetings have to be conducted by each language group in their own language, aside from the yearly Asian/Pacific convocations, which are conducted in English. The creation of the Asian/Pacific ministries has helped promote the work for the Asian/Pacific population in this conference.

Prospective Achievements That Will Be Fulfilled 2011-2013

The following seven proposals are to empower, educate and enable Asian/Pacific pastors and leaders to be more effective and have healthy churches.

1. Empower Ministry Conference

Empower Ministry exists to support and develop an Asian/Pacific Seventh-day Adventist ministry in SECC through providing the resource materials, lay leadership training, mentoring and consulting. Empower Ministry seeks to meet real needs of Asian/Pacific Seventh-day Adventist churches, particularly the needs of the English-speaking generation. In most Asian-American churches, this generation is struggling without stable leadership in 80 percent of all Asian-American churches. This generation is also served by part-time pastors and volunteers that change from year to year. Even in churches with full-time pastors, the change of pastors occurs usually within two to three years. As a result, leadership in Asian-American congregations has been suffering deeply. Through Empower Ministry, the Asian/Pacific Adventists can be nurtured and trained for God's kingdom.

Projected Date
: September 2-5, 2011 (once a year).

2. Asian Congregational Meetings

To foster unity among all the Asian/ Pacific churches, to be recommitted to our mission statement and sharing of the visions and goals.

Projected Date:
Every other year starting 2012. Overlapping with Empower Ministry conference on Sabbath afternoon.

Asian/Pacific Convocation.

3. Asian/Pacific Retreat

To have extended meetings with the pastors and their families, to establish an ongoing relationship in a relaxed atmosphere. This is also time for Q&A sessions, to come together in agreement with the direction of our ministry.

Projected Date:
Once a year, in the spring.

4. Asian Elder's Workshop

To train head elders and elders regarding policies, church leadership, intergenerational relationships, etc.

Projected Date:
Once a year, in the fall.

Conference Worship Room.

5. Natural Church Development

Accountability. Through this assessment and developing healthy Natural Church Development accountability, we can help churches and pastors become accountable for growth and church leadership.

• Empowering Leadership                • Inspiring Worship

• Gift-oriented Ministry                      • Holistic Small Groups

• Passionate Spirituality                    • Need-oriented Evangelism

• Functional Structures                     • Loving Relationships

6. Intergenerational/Cultural Seminars

Because the Asian/Pacific churches have cultural/language gaps or barriers, it will be good for ushave joint seminars for the future of the Asian/Pacific ministries.

Projected Date:
Once a year, in the fall.

7. Stepping Stone Evangelism Workshop

This is a training event at which the different ethnic groups will not only learn from the speakers but present and exchange various ways of evangelism and apply to their own ministry according to respective cultures.