Black Ministries

About the Department
Our mission is to educate, equip and encourage people of African descent in their social and spiritual journey to reflect the character of God; to be people-oriented, mission driven and heaven bound.

George M. King, Vice President

Highlights of Objectives Achieved 2008-2011

1. Encourage church growth in all of our churches by becoming involved in their community and determining the needs of the people in these communities. By becoming involved, we plan to reach people who will desire to join our churches.

  • Our churches have begun getting involved in their community to meet their needs through community services, seminars, and evangelistic meetings. As a result our churches have grown.
  • Established the Rancho Cucamonga group in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

2. Find a permanent place to hold the annual camp meeting.

  • Camp meeting has developed a good working relationship with the Riverside Convention Center, and this is where camp meeting will be held for the years ahead.

Prospective Achievements That Will Be Fulfilled 2011-2013

1. Establish worship groups in communities without an African-American presence, concentrating on the fast-growing community of Temecula.
2. Develop programs that will encourage the youth and young adults to become more interested and involved in church activities.