Children's Ministries

About the Department
Under the direction of Youth Ministries

Assistant Director
Mannuel Vitug

Highlights of Objectives Achieved 2008-2011

1. Created a church survey that assesses the needs of children’s ministry in our churches.

2. Prioritized the results and created action plans that will address those needs.

  • Based on the above survey, workshops and conventions were planned to address the issues with scores 30 and above in the “MAJOR Help” category.

3. Created a CM newsletter that will address issues and provide tips and resource for our leaders.

  • Quarterly newsletters created.
  • Newsletters will now be merged with the Youth Department newsletter.
  • Weekly/Biweekly parenting tips will continue to be e-mailed to pastors and children’s leaders.

4. Implemented additional region-centered training that will focus on:

  • Helping teachers create a student-engaged Sabbath school.
  • Training for CM creative ministries.
  • Current issues that confront family and children.
  • Conference and local church training have been done and will continue, as church needs in this area are perpetual with constant changes in children’s leadership.

5. Continued to encourage churches to nominate a CM director for their church.

  • This is a continuing issue. While many of our churches have elected a CM director, many have not acted on it due to lack of children’s leaders and conflict with the current system in place.

6. Attended seminars so we are better equipped to train leaders in our local churches.

  • We subsidize our children’s pastors and CM Council members to attend the Children’s Pastors Conference and any of our conference children’s training.

7. Provided resources that will allow our CM leaders to better accomplish their role.

  • Our Youth Department Library contains resources for youth and children’s leaders. However, more resources need to be made available to our churches.
  • We also encourage our leaders to take advantage of the resources available in the Family Ministries Department.

Prospective Achievements That Will Be Fulfilled 2011-2013

1. Many of the above goals will continue, as our churches are in constant need of training and resources for their children’s leaders.

2. The Senior Youth, Junior High, and Children’s departments are working on collaboratively having workshops and training together to make it easier for our smaller churches with leaders that have multiple responsibilities.

3. We are working closely with the NAD and the Adventist Children’s Ministerial Association to provide on-demand online training for children’s leaders.