Church Growth and Discipleship

About the Department

As a newly restructured department since the fall of 2008, this office serves Southeastern California Conference by providing coordination, support and relevant resources to help promote, counsel, train, nurture and support the evangelists, pastors and lay members of this field in the implementation of evangelistic/ church growth/discipleship initiatives in fulfillment of the gospel commission of Jesus Christ to “make disciples of all people.”


Emil Dean Peeler

Highlights of Objectives Achieved 2008-2011

  1. Encouraged and inspired pastors/members of SECC through sermons and training for promotion of traditional and nontraditional evangelistic/church growth/church planting endeavors.
  2. Provided leadership, continuing education, and oversight for the team of conference evangelists and their support staffs, who have contributed more than 600 baptized members.
  3. Reviewed the plans and goals, and disbursed financial resources to the more than 100 churches that request conference funds each year for evangelism projects.
  4. Organized and financed twice-yearly training for Natural Church Development along with quarterly conference-wide training for pastors and laity in relevant subjects that promote healthy churches.
  5. Conducted and/or assisted in coordinating at least one major city-wide campaign each year in conjunction with vice presidents.
  6. Identified and provided training, support and mentoring for young pastors and laypersons who have shown interest and promise in evangelism and Bible work.
  7. Chaired both the conference Evangelism Advisory and the Pastoral Taskforce for Evangelism, consisting of representative pastors who will assist in providing guidance and vision for conference-wide church growth.
  8. Coordinated three symposiums, along with the Ministerial Department, entitled Pastor’s Forum, to sharpen and enhance skills in chosen areas of ministerial development that facilitate theological reflection.
  9. Founded and organized Power Hour, a monthly worship service that focused on prayer and revival that was in conjunction with the 2009 Year of Evangelism emphasis.
  10. Supervised and provided mentorship for student literature evangelism team that has grown to include Bible work and GLOW programs.
  11. Conducted series of meetings in the fall of 2010 in conjunction with the Corona church that resulted in more than baptisms.

Prospective Achievements That Will Be Fulfilled 2011-2013

  1. Begin dialogue/plan for conference School of Evangelism.
  2. Create ways to significantly enhance budget for outreach initiatives.
  3. Collaborate with youth department to do a major outreach project in 2013.