Communication Department


Jocelyn Fay

Highlights of Objectives Achieved 2008-2011

1. Continue systematically reporting news of African-American, Asian/Pacific Island, Hispanic and Caucasian churches and schools in SECC through a variety of media.

2. By sharing inspirational stories of members who are putting their faith and talents into action, encourage all members to communicate the gospel in their daily lives.

  • Contributed articles about SECC people and events to the Pacific Union Recorder every month, produced Conference Priorities newsletters bimonthly.
  • Uploaded articles from both of the above sources to SECC website.
  • Surveyed articles published in Recorder and Conference Priorities from January 2008 to June 2010 to check balance of news coverage; discovered some underreported constituencies and are soliciting more news from these areas.

3. Report outreach and ministry initiatives coordinated by the Southeastern California Conference through its services and departments, and report decisions of the Executive Committee in conducting conference business.

  • Produced video messages from conference president on issues of significance to members.
  • Produced Inside Story, an in-house publication, once or twice a month to keep all SECC employees updated on Executive Committee actions.
  • Provided local coverage of the General Conference session in Atlanta in July 2010 by posting videos, VIEWpoints, on the SECC website of delegates who would be representing members there and of daily events there that related to SECC members and their interests.

4. Keep the conference website current, and assist churches and schools in SECC in establishing and maintaining their websites.

  • Launched new SECC website,, in the spring of 2009. Won Reger Smith, Jr., Cutting Edge Award for its design from the Society of Adventist Communicators in October 2009.
  • Conducted three Web workshops for churches implementing netAdventist 3.0 ; partnered with Southern California Conference in conducting a workshop for church communication leaders.
  • Answered questions from church webmasters as they have arisen.

5. Look for new media technologies the conference and churches can use to accomplish numbers 1-4 above, keeping in mind members of all ages and information-gathering preferences.

  • Established media advisory to help implement this goal. Members are a diverse group of 18 pastors, all of whom support some kind of media ministry at their church.
  • Attended annual Society of Adventist Communicators conventions for professional growth and to learn what’s new in communication.
  • Forwarded North American Division’s monthly Practicing Communicating, containing communication and technology information, to pastors and church communication leaders.