Family Ministries


Audray Johnson

Highlights of Objectives Achieved 2008-2011

1. Family Ministries continues to gather resources for clergy and members on family issues.

  • Materials include contemporary  video and DVD programs.
  • Print manuals and materials are available to local family ministry leaders.

2. Training for local leaders.

  • Meetings with local family ministry leaders  at their own church.
  • Meetings at the conference Family ministry Department.
  • Orientation meetings for all new employees have included family ministry and Special Child Protection issues.
  • Special church training meetings on keeping children safe in church.

3. Clergy Training.

  • All clergy receive mandated training on child safety, child abuse, domestic violence and elder abuse.

4. Clergy support

  • For all clergy and education employees, a program is provided for therapy and counseling with an anonymous program that is serviced by Family Ministries Department.

5. Organizational Assignments.

  • The director participates in various committees of the North American Division and the General Conference as well as community organizations and events.

Prospective Goals and Achievements to be fulfilled in 2011-2013

1. A current catalog will be written and released for church members that contain all new DVD and video acquisitions.

2. All current video productions will be converted  to DVD format or new DVD copies obtained wherever possible.

3. Continuing education for clergy will include  at least two  major presentations now in planning stage.

4. A revision of the Family Ministries Resource Manual for congregational leaders will be completed and published. Much of the information will also be available on the conference website.

5. A major training session for all congregational family ministry leaders to be held.

6. Because men’s ministry comes under the aegis of Family Ministries, a conference wide meeting for this growing ministry is planned.