Health Ministries

Audray Johnson

Highlights of Objectives Achieved 2008-2011
1. Health Ministries continues to gather contemporary resources for use in local congregations, both print materials and DVD/video programs. The Five-Day Plan to Stop Smoking program is available only through SECC.

2. A resource manual for Health Ministries is nearing completion. This will include information and ideas for congregational use that will aid local leadership.

3. Support for churches with special health ministry programs.

4. Work with local professional resources, especially in the Loma Linda University area.

Prospective Achievements and Goals for 2011-2013

1. Completion of a current catalog of all new DVD and video acquisitions on the various aspects of health to be available to all congregations.

2. All video productions to be converted to DVD format or new DVD copies obtained wherever possible.

3. Completion of new Health Ministries Resource Manual for congregational leaders. Information will also be on the SECC website.

4. A training session  for all local health leaders, which will include how to do health ministry in the local church with an emphasis on “evidence-based” presentations as presented at the 2009 General Conference Convention on Global Health, held in Geneva, Switzerland.