Human Resources

About the Department
Mission Statement: To assist the conference administration in the management and strategic planning of its human resources in the areas of recruitment, hiring, employment, wage and hour, NAD Policy, benefits, compensation, and in the formulation of policies and procedures.  We serve in an advisory capacity, working with churches, schools, Pine Springs Ranch Conference Center and the conference office.  It is our goal to partner with these various entities and to be of service to our employees and to protect the resources of Southeastern California Conference.


Gina Heslep

Highlights of Objectives Achieved 2008-2011

1. The Human Resources Department has implemented an administrative orientation for pastors. 

  • This orientation provides information on policies and practices of Southeastern California Conference, as presented by individuals from various conference departments in their area of responsibility. 
  • The conference departments involved in this orientation are Risk Management, In-house Legal Counsel, Property and Trust, Office of Education, Ministerial, Evangelism, Communication, Family Ministries, Accounting, Auditing, Youth and Human Resources.
  •  The overall intent of this orientation is to familiarize pastors with the resources available from the conference and to partner with them in these areas. 

 2. During this time we have implemented background checks on all employees, including conference and local church hire employees.

  • This background check includes a national criminal database search, national sex offender registry search and a social trace. 
  • This practice will be enhanced this year with a Department of Justice background check for all employees with fiduciary responsibilities.

 3. To comply with state regulations for supervisor training

  • We have implemented a web-based, mandated training for anti-sexual harassment, which meets state requirements. 
  • This training is done through a web-based module, which allows supervisors a more flexible venue. 
  • Training on this website allows supervisors to complete the coursework over several sessions to comply with the required two hour interactive training.

Prospective Achievements That Will Be Fulfilled 2011-2013

1. We are working on improving our Illness and Injury Prevention Plan to meet the requirements of Cal/OSHA. 

  • Risk Management has been actively involved in the planning of a process for safety training for all employees, conference and local hires. 
  • This plan will include a Web-based safety training requirement for all employees and the assistance of the church safety officers to assist in providing a safe work environment for all employees.