Pine Springs Ranch Summer Camp


About the Department
The mission of PSR summer camp is to enrich the spiritual, emotional, physical and social life of each camper in a safe and fun environment. The core of this mission is to show young people how knowing and following Jesus is the best adventure life has to offer (John 10:10).


Mannuel Vitug

Highlights of Objectives Achieved 2008-2011

1. Maintained the spiritual mission of camp.

  • Camp is the place where kids connect/reconnect with Jesus. 
  • Utilize the best camp pastors available. 
  • Choose staff with a spiritual passion for Jesus. 
  • Incorporate spiritual truth in all camp programs.
  • Share camper decisions with local church and encourage follow-up.

2. Improved the marketing of summer camp.

  • Brochure and website coordinated (
  • Visits to SECC schools and churches.
  • Winter newsletter for campers and staff.
  • Online advertising and/or print ads.
  • Promotional video.

3. Attracted the best staff possible.

  • Maintain high expectations of oneself and staff.
  • Screen all staff and volunteers with the national criminal database and national sex offender registry.
  • Know and communicate the signs of “super staff.” Affirm the positive words and behavior of staff in front of their peers.
  • Encourage quality staff to help with recruiting and/or recommendations for future staff.
  • Work toward retaining 60 percent or more of staff for following summer.

4. Made camp extremely interesting to campers and staff.

  • Encourage a climate of creativity among staff.
  • Honor the tradition of PSR, but celebrate fresh ideas and new challenges.
  • Train staff leadership team in the supportive role of supervision.
  • Make Sabbath at camp the best day of the week.

5. Grew the attendance of camp.

  • Communicate the rising value of camp in today’s media-saturated age.
  • Add new activities each summer to keep the interest high.
  • Continue the focus on growing teen attendance.
  • Satisfied campers and parents are the best advertisement.

6. Assisted in implementing the master plan for Pine Springs Ranch.

Prospective Achievements That Will Be Fulfilled 2011-2013

1. Because camp is an ongoing ministry, most of the above goals need to be maintained and revisited to create an effective summer camp ministry that will reach our campers to get to know Jesus better.

2. Improve the marketing of summer camp.

  • Online advertising and/or print ads.

3. Assist in implementing the master plan for Pine Springs Ranch.

  • We are excited as plans are being made to upgrade PSR that will allow for better ministry to our campers and parents.