Religious Liberty

Audray Johnson

Highlights of Objectives Achieved in 2008–2011

1. Resources: Many new acquisitions have been made on relevant and current religious liberty topics as well as programs about historical events that led to reform for freedom of conscience.

2. Gathering material for a resource manual for local church leaders.

3. Assistance for churches in the Liberty campaign at the beginning of each year.

4. Working with Pacific Union on religious liberty programs in various churches.

5. Assisting members who have confronted problems with Sabbath observance in the workplace as well as other freedom of conscience issues.

6. A major presentation was held in Loma Linda in February of 2011 which drew many to hear about "Freedom of Conscience and Human Rights in an age of Terror." This was well received  by the academic and church community.

Prospective Achievements to be fulfilled in 2011-2013

1. Continue collecting resources on freedom of conscience, especially those that may be designed for youth.

2. Complete work on the religious liberty DVD/video resources for a new catalog of SECC DVD and Video programs.

3. Complete the Religious Liberty Resource Manual for use in local congregations by pastors and religious liberty leaders.  Present this at a training session for all religious liberty church leaders and at orientation sessions for new pastors. This material will also be found on the SECC website.

4. Work with the North American Religious Liberty Association West on a new program for youth called Freedom Classroom (based on the successful Presidential Classroom).