Senior Youth and Young Adult Ministries

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Under the direction of Youth Ministries


Eric Penick, Associate Director

Highlights of Objectives Achieved 2008-2011

Young Adult Retreat: Starting in 2009, an annual young adult retreat called “ONE” has been held at Pine Springs Ranch. In 2011, SCC: Greater LA young adults are joining SECC at ONE.

1. Conference Athletic Program: 2010 SYYA conducted a beta project with TYCSO (The Christian Youth Soccer Organization) as a conference-wide athletic program. In 2011, a complete program will be rolled out to SECC churches willing to participate in a conference-wide athletic program.

2. Evangelism: Partnering with the Church Growth and Discipleship Department, a youth evangelism series will be conducted in the summer of 2011 at the San Marcos church in North San Diego County.

3. Youth Rallies: In 2010, San Diego County churches held their cross-cultural youth rally with pastor Manny Cruz, associate youth director of the North American Division. The rally emphasis was on sharing their faith. Pastor Cruz spoke on Friday and Sabbath morning. That was followed with an outreach in Balboa Park Sabbath afternoon. Starting 2012, SYYA and the other SECC youth ministries will hold a combined conference-wide rally launching our yearly themes.

4. Bible Quiz-a-Rama (BQaR): BQaR is a Bible knowledge competition that went conference-wide in 2009, holding competitions on the county and conference levels. This is an annual event.

5. Certifications: Premarital counseling tools provided by ministerial office (2009).

6. W.E.: Worship Experience: A conference-wide praise service held at La Sierra University church in 2009 and 2010.

7. Young Women’s Retreat: Teamed with Hispanic Ministries to offer a girls’ retreat conference-wide since 2009.  To co-train with Children’s ministries in October, 2011.

8. Ignite: Youth leader conference training weekend at Pine Springs Ranch launched in 2010.

9. SECC Youth Day: One-day celebration at Six Flags Magic Mountain park for youth in ministry. Since 2008 500+ have participated yearly.

Prospective Achievements That Will Be Fulfilled 2011-2013

1. Certifications: Teen counseling tools for youth pastors (researching best tools).

2. Fall and summer speaker series: Program still in development.

3. Youth Training: “How to give a Worship Talk” with Involve ministries and Mesa Grande Academy.

4. Adventist Campus Fellowship: ACF is a public campus ministry of the Adventist Church. ACF launched in 2010 at California State University San Bernardino. One club a year will be launched on other campuses in SECC territory.

5. Mission Trips: Sponsoring a young adult mission trip to Mexico, September 2011.