Women's Ministries

Audray Johnson

Highlights of Objectives Achieved in 2008-2011

1. Resources: Both print and video resources have been added to the materials available to the women’s ministries leaders of SECC. This includes files, books, DVD/video programs.

2. Support for La Sierra University Women’s Resource Center, Association of Adventist Women and other organizations pertaining to women’s ministries issues.

3. Assistance to congregational women’s ministries leaders in finding speakers for programs and locally sponsored retreats. Support for special programs for women from North American Division to local programs.

4. Training of church leaders using the current manuals available to women’s ministry.

Prospective Achievements to be fulfilled in 2011-2013

1. Complete the Women’s Resource section of a current video/DVD catalog, including the conversion of some video programs to DVD format.

2. Complete a new edition of the Women’s Ministries Resource manual for local congregational leaders. Much of that material will be available on the SECC website, as it is currently.

3. Work with church women’s ministries on issues of domestic violence.

4. Training sessions for leaders, using the many tools now available.