Youth Ministries

About the Department

God-led, people-focused, church-empowering youth ministries.
Mission Statement: Youth Ministries seeks to disciple youth and their leaders to live an authentic life in Christ for the building up of the kingdom.
Vision Statement: Youth Ministries serves the youth by developing young people accepting Christ, owning their faith, using their talents for God, transforming their neighborhood, and heading for heaven.


Rudy Carrillo

Highlights of Objectives Achieved 2008-2011

1. Strengthened the Youth Ministries Department personnel by having an annual spiritual retreat with a mentor for spiritual formation.

2. Integrated spiritual formation emphasis in every activity and meeting.

3. Developed and articulated a strategic plan that details the goals and objectives of three areas:  authentic living, discipling and kingdom building.

4. Continue developing a departmental theme each year based on goals of strategic plan.

5. Evaluate the strategic goals periodically to determine effectiveness and tweak as necessary to ensure that the actions are helping to fulfill the departments.

6. Designed a website that describes each ministry, lists contact information, and lists ministry links/resources. It has helped to better communicate with youth and youth leaders in the local church (

Prospective Achievements That Will Be Fulfilled 2011-2013

1. Integrate the Youth Ministries and Education departments with one focus and purpose–the youth.

2. Organize and conduct a conference-wide youth ministries leadership convention in October 2012.