Summer Camp Closed because of Cranston Fire

Posted on Jul 27 2018

Pine Springs Ranch Summer Camp has closed for the rest of summer due to the Cranston fire.

As of Saturday, July 28, 2018

On this Sabbath day we continue to hear good news regarding Pine Springs Ranch. However, we are still in the middle of a very active fire scene and the entire area is still under mandatory evacuation. We are reminded by authorities we aren’t out of the woods yet...It appears, as you see PSR in what the firefighters are calling the “belly” of the fire, that the fire scar from 5 years ago has indeed been a blessing this week. The white area that goes from the right side into the middle of the fire is mostly that scar.

We continue to pray. We can’t wait to see for ourselves!

(Note by Sandra Roberts, conference president)

As of Friday, July 27, 2018

Please see the following message from Carmen Ibanez, PSR camp director.

"We never thought we would have to be in this same situation again; nevertheless, here we are five years later. Due to the smoke and the progression of the Cranston fire we had to evacuate all of our campers and staff and end our Teen Exclusive session on Wednesday, July 25, 2018.

This afternoon we made the difficult decision to cancel our Combo Camp III session. We have emailed the families and also plan to follow-up with phone calls in the morning.

These decisions were made with the safety of our children in our mind. This is our highest priority. For those that had to leave camp during the week, the recovery of luggage and personal possessions is important, but due to the current fire conditions access to camp is prohibited. As soon as we are allowed to return, we will implement our luggage recovery plan. We have our summer camp staff and moving trucks standing by to help with the process.

Refunds are also a concern, and we've already formulated a plan to start issuing refunds next week.

For those who have booked retreats with us for dates after summer camp, we will be contacting you soon to inform you if we might have to cancel your retreat. Unfortunately the electrical infrastructure for the area has been severely damaged, and we are unsure how soon it will be repaired. Additionally the camp is still under mandatory evacutation and PSR is still under the threat of smoke and fire.

We are monitoring the situation closely so that we can pass vital information on to our customers, staff, supporters, and friends. We are truly overwhelmed by the all of the texts, calls, emails, and support for Pine Springs Ranch. We are infinitely grateful to be part of such a loving community. Please continue to pray for us, our neighbors, and those fighting the fire."


Should you need to contact the camp staff please use the following phone number: 951-509-2266.