Equipped2Serve Training Event Serves Churches

Posted on Feb 03 2020

As the Southeastern California Conference (SECC) identified strategic priorities, administrators asked members how they thought the conference should focus on the mission of expanding the kingdom of God.

“There was a strong consensus that they wanted to be more involved in the mission of their local churches,” said Sandra Roberts, SECC president. “They also desired to be better equipped, resourced, and mentored in order to best serve.” 

In response, SECC organized two free training events—Equipped2Serve (E2S)—first in 2017 and then last fall, covering 20 areas of church ministry. These included workshops for people involved in children’s and women’s ministries, church clerks, communicators, and more.

About 700 local church leaders attended either the Sept. 21 E2S at Loma Linda Academy or the Nov. 9 event at San Diego Academy. Workshop presenters shared practical resources and ideas and provided time for attendees to share with, inspire, and learn from one another.

Kevin Wilson, youth and young adult pastor at Oceanside church, presented on “Generation Z: The Values, Culture, and Desires of the Next Generation.”

“I believe one of the fastest ways to irrelevance and eventual obsolescence is to continually answer questions no one is asking,” Wilson said. “To that end, understanding the next generation is of vital importance if we are to minister to them effectively and appropriately.”

He added, “Workshops like E2S create space for pastors to have meaningful dialogue with church members who are already primed to serve.”

As part of the disabilities ministries training Liore Gil, a certified music therapist, offered training on music sessions for differently abled persons, applying principles from music therapy.

“Differently abled persons are simply waiting to be noticed, accepted, loved, and included in our church services,” Gil said. “I’m impressed and grateful that the conference provided these training sessions which embraces different ministries in the church. Those who attended my presentations were eager to learn and found the fun in serving.”

Various resources were provided for all who attended, including gift cards to Advent Source and the Adventist Book Center, books specific to ministries, and online resources.

“Feedback has been extremely positive,” said Roberts. “Members love coming together with others who feel called to the same ministries, and are reassured that, in addition to their pastors, there are people who will walk beside them and help them in their leadership.”

The conference hopes to make E2S an annual event, and other ministry-specific trainings may also be available. For information on upcoming training workshops, email info@seccsda.org.

by Becky St. Clair