Adventist Volunteer Service

Since its inception, the Seventh-day Adventist Church has believed in involving volunteers to accomplish its mission. Every year thousands of Seventh-day Adventists donate their time, talents and financial resources to demonstrate God's love in many and varied ways--all to share the gospel throughout the world. Church members of different trades and talents, including many highly qualified individuals, are involved in their local communities and in foreign countries, serving as medical doctors, nurses, dentists, builders, teachers, accountants, preachers, computer operators, etc.

You are invited to visit the Adventist Volunteer Service Web site to see what kinds of volunteer service positions are available. You can find out what countries are in need of help and then become involved. You can also read the "Mission Post" online with stories shared by volunteers themselves about the excitement volunteerism has brought to their experience.

Go to the Adventist Volunteer Service website.

Read the Mission Post online.